Tuesday, January 12, 2010

They're here! My pillows, created when I was an intern with SCAD's Working Class Studio in Spring 2009, are finally here!

See them on Working Class Studio's website, or on the SCAD news page. Check the Working Class Studio website for purchase information.

Also, please update your bookmarks for this blog to now go to http://sarahmontesillustration.blogspot.com/. I am now operating under my married name, and all further blog entries will be posted there.

Also, for contact information and my portfolio website, please visit http://www.sarahmontesillustration.com/. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick update

So, it's my for reals last quarter here at SCAD (sniff) and I just starting to realize that 3 years here just isn't enough. That goes for school, as well as the city itself. Savannah, I am going to miss you...

Just got back to school from Atlanta, where I spent spring break with Dave and my family, getting wedding stuff done. Things are moving along (finally!) with wedding preparations, and I'm stoked. We're at 80 days and counting, friends! Oh, and Dave, happy two years, love! Two years ago today, he worked up his courage, and uttered those 5 words men find so terrifying: "will you be my girlfriend?" Also, today was the day, during the third age in Middle Earth (year 3019), that the One Ring was destroyed. So, there you go.

Anyways, this was supposed to be about what's going on with me "art"-wise, not to reveal that I am, in fact, a gigantic nerd. So, here it is:

I got the Working Class Studio internship!!! (crowd roars)

Our first meeting was on Monday, and we've been assigned our first project. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to post anything from that class, because of confidentiality agreements, blah blah blah...but I am making the effort to start working on my own personal stuff again, so I'll try to update with that. Not to mention, I'm behind updating the rest of the work I did last quarter, so will try to get that up soon.

Also, I am being considered for a couple of internships once I've graduated (9 weeks, whoo hoo!!) and one of them is with Carter's in Atlanta. They make baby gear, and I spoke with the recruiter at the Career Fair back in February, and they had me do some character and pattern design for them, I guess to see if I can work with their style and demographic. Should be hearing back from them soon, so I will post the results once I am informed.

Working on a piece for the All Creatures Great and Small show at the 180 building, which opens on April 17th. I'm just hoping I can bust it out this weekend before things get crazy with Working Class.

Well, this "quick" update is getting super long, so I'm gonna jet.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More wolfies

I've really been trying to improve my sketching lately, and I've had a lot of fun just drawing wolves in different poses and actions. I still don't have the final sketch for class yet though, which stinks because I'm supposed to have it for tomorrow!

This is the card I made for Dave this year. I thought it was cute :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

This is my first foray into repeat pattern/surface design, and how much do I love it!!? This is what I ultimately want to get into. I really should have duel enrolled in Fibers and Illustration, but since I graduate in 3 months, I guess I just have to teach myself the Fibers stuff.

I've actually applied for Working Class Studio here at SCAD, where students work under supervision to produce designs for product. I attended a mass interview today, and they told us that we should know by Wednesday who got in. (please please, please let it be me!!!)

Anyway, I created these patterns after a theme (get it? the origin of yarn! I love yarn...) and I would love to do more surface design. I just need to keep myself glued to the sketchbook, which is tough when I'm at the end of a quarter.

So, that's the direction I hope I'm headed :)

Fishy Fish!

So my big project last quarter in Allan Drummond's children's book class was writing and illustrating my own book. My mom helped me brainstorm through all of my bad ideas, and finally came up with doing a collage/cut paper fish book. It's pretty simple, about a day in the life of a fish, with whimsical characters that flow through the pages. This spread seems to be everyone's favorite, mine included. The title page turned out pretty nifty, too!

I also got to learn how to bind my own dummy book, which was AWESOME! Too bad there's no more time for me to take the book binding class. I think that would have been so cool.

Someday I'll finish the pages that didn't go to final, and send it to a publisher.